Can a Hair Transplant Cure Your Thinning Locks?

More than a physical problem, hair loss is a psychological problem. Thinning hair and bald spots affect one’s confidence, lowers self esteem, in men and women both. In men, the hair fall is rapid as compared to women, where the hair fall is gradual and hence, undetectable at an early stage, therefore, female suffers more as a lot of time to cure is usually lost. Suffering from hair loss and thinning, hair transplant is a good and a permanent option in such cases.Baldness and thinning hair are caused by a number of factors, which are usually internal problems, like stress, hormones, genes, imbalanced diet and other fluctuations of the body. This problem is no more restricted to age and is common in all age groups. So, hair transplant is a common option to replace bald spots with dense hair, making the appearance look younger. A hair transplant as we all know is a minor, yet important surgery where active follicles are implanted from one part of the scalp to their area where they are required.

hair loss and thinning
Man with hair combed over bald patch, overhead view

As the surgery takes place on the scalp, it is slightly painful; however, the pain does not go in vain. The results are wonderful and permanent. Not only the implants look natural but also change the appearance and bring back the lost confidence and self esteem. This surgery has two processes which are commonly adopted; these are Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). These are both surgical processes and are done under sedatives.

FUSS involves removing the strip of the skin from the back of the head. This strip is broken down into thousands tiny grafts. Each graft has few hair follicles on it. FUE, on the other hand, involves plucking out individual hair follicles to prepare grafts. The back of the head is usually the most favored spot to take hair follicles from as it has the densest hair growth. These are then inserted into the desired areas by making tiny slits in the scalp to fit them into. This usually takes about four to eight hours.

Post the surgery is over, the scalp is bandaged. Hair fall that female suffers are after the hair transplant procedure is normal, and hair regains growth in few weeks making the result permanent. In some cases, a hair growing drug may be required to improve the speed to regain growth. Initially, dipping into the swimming pools and hot tubs is not recommended, including a high-powered shower post the surgery. In hair transplant surgery, men and women suffer equal amounts of pain, with equal results.

One should follow doctor’s advice after the surgery, and in some cases additional hair transplant surgeries are required.


Best Hair Treatments To Fix Dry Hair

Whether you are blessed with long or short hair, curly or straight, each and every woman desires of having luscious mane. Unfortunately, some women are born with dull, frizzy and dry hair by nature. Even if you are born with lustrous and healthy hair, dryness comes your way when your hair are constantly in touch with chemical treatments, heat styling tools and exposure to sun light. Hair also becomes dry when the hair shafts don’t absorb enough moisture. This can be due to nutritional deficiency, exposure to chlorinated water, frequently washing your hair, using wrong shampoos, hair styling products and many more. Dry hairs are fragile and tend to break easily which lead to hair loss.

hair loss treatment in Delhi | hair loss

Well you really need to take good care of your hair in order to obtain healthy and shiny hair. One should stop using harsh hair products, use of conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out. In addition, there are many ways through which you can get rid of dry hair. Follow these tips which can treat dry hair and restore its shine and health.

  • Healthy diet is must- this is first and foremost step to prevent dry hair before opting any type of treatment. Diet full of nutrition detains the shine and bounce of hair. One should follow balanced diet and drink adequate water to restore shine of your hair. These two factors can be proved wonders for your hair. You should have leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, vegetables cooked in healthy oils.


  • Oil treatments are best- oil treatment at home is as good as a salon visit or buying oil treatment kits from market. Well, when it comes to oil treatment for dry hair, olive oil is the most popular remedy as it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which heal damaged hair by sealing the cuticles with moisture.

How to do?

  • Pour enough oil in to small dish as per the length of your hair. You can also warm it up a little bit.
  • Now apply oil over your hair shafts and scalp and massage it gently for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Afterwards, cover your hair with warm towel for 30 minutes or you can leave it overnight.

You should do it at least once in a week to provide nourishment and care to your hair.

NOTE- you can use almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil for this hot oil treatment.

  • Bananas- well bananas are another superb ingredient for the treatment of extremely dry and damaged hair. It includes high potassium and moisture which improves the elasticity of your hair and prevents split ends (which are usually seen in dry hair).

How to do?

  • In this remedy, take one bowl and mash ripe or overripe banana and apply this paste from the roots to the ends. Leave it at least for an hour and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Alternatively, you can add one tablespoon of almond oil and 2 tablespoons of honey in the paste. Apply this paste similarly and leave it for half an hour. You should do one of these remedies once a week to enjoy shiny and smooth hair.


  • Most of the women used to wash their hair frequently which is not advisable as it removes moisture from the scalp.
  • People who are born with dull and dry should use conditioner post hair wash as it adds moisture to your hair.

So, try these home remedies and tips for more information visit hair loss home remedies to combat dry and lifeless hair. Further, if you are not obtaining any results after few weeks then you should consult a physician to improve your hair condition.

How Can Drugs Reduce Specific Type Of Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness Aka (Spot Baldness)

Alopecia Areata is an incurable type of male pattern baldness as well as for female which did not have any cure; however, now other than hair transplant, pharmaceutical is also giving solution for this baldness. The solution of this through Medicines is generating hope among the people who are suffering from Alopecia Areata. This has been devised as the people suffering from this large and this had literally ruined their lives. Being an auto immune disease, there was no specific medicine for this problem. The revolutionary pharmaceutical solution has not only observed hair growth on the scalp but also on the eyebrows. Soon with the success of the pharmaceutical solution, more and more people and doctors would be seen opting for this to cure any kind of baldness. Mike Thomas was one such case that was affected by this auto immune disease called Alopecia areata. His case was critical as he lost all the scalp hair in one night. He was a real estate agent by profession and hence was largely affected by the baldness.So far, his problem was not tried to be treated by any doctor or surgeon.

Male pattern baldness
Source Image Wikipedia: Alopecia areata

Later, n in a study that was conducted by Stanford, Yale and Columbia where 65 patients including Thomas took a pharmaceutical pill called Xeljaz. This drug is prescribed to people with rheumatoid arthritis. Over half of the participants in the study were able to see hair re-growth recovering more than 50% of their loss tear over time. Jakafiis another drug that is used to treat cancer was also showcased for its hair re-growth properties. Both these are being tested clinicallyto prove their features that treat alopecia.

There is still some before we see a complete radical change that overcome male baldness, the reason for this is the total baldness and absence of any hair follicles present on the scalp. This is more common with male and hence, it cannot be treated. However, if the spot baldness happens at a young age then this could be treated as the hair follicles are healthier as compared to an aged head.

We are hopeful that with positive clinical results, this problem will be treated completely and the drugs will prove their efficiency in curing baldness patterns in male.