Facts about Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure, Risks and Care

Among other transplant techniques, FUE Hair Transplant reviews are more positive than others. The reasons are many, primarily the fact that it has so far shown best results and is minimally invasive are the most important reasons.

The decision to go ahead with hair transplantation process must be a well thought one. It is important to take this decision as the process has certain surgical implications and that it involves cost. Another one very important reason is the outer appearance, as the hair transplant process will change ones looks permanently. So they must be aware of this fact as this going to be life impacting decision. There are few complication also that are involved which may be post surgery ones.

FUE hair transplant cost
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Hair Transplant Surgery-facts associated with it


  • Hair restoration or hair transplant is a process where the healthy hair follicles are extracted from and harvested into another area which is the treatment area. The balding patches re covered with these healthy follicles which gradually grow naturally after some time. The natural hair growth appears in ten to twelve months. The donor area (where healthy follicles exist) is lifted and these are transplanted into the bald area. The donor area could be is the part of your scalp that retains a thick growth of normal hair, like the temples or the rear of the scalp. More density of the hair at the donor area leads to a more successful and natural appearing hair. If one does not have very reasonable thick hair on the temple or rear of the scalp, then the hair transplant may not be possible and the surgeon is likely to tell you this.


  • Although, surgical the hair transplant process is not completely like any other surgery. It is surgical as slits and punches into the skin which takes time to heal as stated in the FUE hair transplant review. Anaesthesia is given to the patient to bear the minor pain that is caused during creation of the slits and punches; therefore, this is rendered as a painless process. The local anaesthesia that is applied during the hair transplant surgery causes minor sensation that may not necessarily be pleasant one. Even though, the hair transplant surgery does not involve all the aspects of surgery, it is important that it is done under the supervision of an expert and must not be treated casually by the doctors who undertake this. The staples, and stitches are prone to infection, thus, they must be properly medicated post the surgery. Time taken to heal the scalp can vary from one to person. Generally, it takes about few days or a week in some cases. Although the patient can move freely, but if there is a leverage of taking a break from the routine activities, then this must be taken for a week. This gives rest and prepares the patient mentally to face friends and family too as this a major change in the appearance. Basic precautions, like lifting heavy weight and using cold compresses is advisable in order to prevent swelling. To measure the success of hair transplant process, the experience and previous record of the surgeon will also give a testimony. The skill set of a surgeon, is therefore an important aspect along with the aesthetic sense of the surgeon.


  • To avoid further complication, the clinic must be equipped with ergonomics instruments and complete care before as well after the hair transplant is very significant.




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