Can a Hair Transplant Cure Your Thinning Locks?

More than a physical problem, hair loss is a psychological problem. Thinning hair and bald spots affect one’s confidence, lowers self esteem, in men and women both. In men, the hair fall is rapid as compared to women, where the hair fall is gradual and hence, undetectable at an early stage, therefore, female suffers more as a lot of time to cure is usually lost. Suffering from hair loss and thinning, hair transplant is a good and a permanent option in such cases.Baldness and thinning hair are caused by a number of factors, which are usually internal problems, like stress, hormones, genes, imbalanced diet and other fluctuations of the body. This problem is no more restricted to age and is common in all age groups. So, hair transplant is a common option to replace bald spots with dense hair, making the appearance look younger. A hair transplant as we all know is a minor, yet important surgery where active follicles are implanted from one part of the scalp to their area where they are required.

hair loss and thinning
Man with hair combed over bald patch, overhead view

As the surgery takes place on the scalp, it is slightly painful; however, the pain does not go in vain. The results are wonderful and permanent. Not only the implants look natural but also change the appearance and bring back the lost confidence and self esteem. This surgery has two processes which are commonly adopted; these are Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). These are both surgical processes and are done under sedatives.

FUSS involves removing the strip of the skin from the back of the head. This strip is broken down into thousands tiny grafts. Each graft has few hair follicles on it. FUE, on the other hand, involves plucking out individual hair follicles to prepare grafts. The back of the head is usually the most favored spot to take hair follicles from as it has the densest hair growth. These are then inserted into the desired areas by making tiny slits in the scalp to fit them into. This usually takes about four to eight hours.

Post the surgery is over, the scalp is bandaged. Hair fall that female suffers are after the hair transplant procedure is normal, and hair regains growth in few weeks making the result permanent. In some cases, a hair growing drug may be required to improve the speed to regain growth. Initially, dipping into the swimming pools and hot tubs is not recommended, including a high-powered shower post the surgery. In hair transplant surgery, men and women suffer equal amounts of pain, with equal results.

One should follow doctor’s advice after the surgery, and in some cases additional hair transplant surgeries are required.


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